Bring it Columbus

Columbus lost the bid for the Democratic National Convention, but we gained so much more. We better know who we are. We put ourselves out there, with the big boys and girls, to be judged. For, maybe the first time, as a city, we said “Hi, World. Pick us, choose us, and love us.” We did it because collectively, as a community, we believe in ourselves. We think we have a lot to offer, and we do. We would have been amazing hosts.

We are on our way to becoming a world class city. We know it. We believe we can get there. The community, humanity, openness and yes swagger, the Democratic National Convention Committee witnessed on their visit is real. The hardships, the grit, and the uneasiness we minimized are also real.

We still have far too many of our neighbors struggling with poverty, and were not yet connected in the ways we should be. Our people are still trying to figure out better ways to navigate this City. We have gaps. Many of us feel it. We know we don’t offer the kinds of transportation options that enable everyone in our community to thrive. We’ve come a long way in the last few years as far as transit options. Still we know we need more choices to bring the very best to Columbus.

These are things we should have moved on a decade ago. We should have talked more. We know this. We were young. We made priorities. We got really good at many things, creating a bustling downtown core and amazing neighborhoods among them.

And so, it’s time. Let’s concentrate on us now. The Democratic National Convention didn’t choose us, and that’s okay. We know who we are and who we want to be. We can become a better connected Columbus. Let’s be it. Bring it Columbus.

Elissa Schneider, Transit Columbus Chair and Columbus resident.