Have you ever missed a bus that only comes hourly? Have you ever ridden on a bus that takes forever to wind its squiggly way through neighborhood streets? These frustrations may soon be a thing of the past.

As you read this COTA is working with the renowned firm Jarrett Walker & Associates to completely redo their service map. Although the final plan hasn’t been released, judging from the draft plan there are some big and exciting changes on the way.

First, and most exciting, more routes will run at least every 15 minutes! As of now, we only have 3 routes that run with such a high frequency, but under the proposed plan that will jump to 12. No only that, but they would also run at least every 15 minutes seven days a week. That’s right, weekends too. Draft_Proposed_FTN-page-001

If that’s not enough to get you excited

  • 10,752 more existing riders will be within 1/4 mile of 15 minute service
  • 17,176 more jobs are within a 1/4 mile of any service (+4.2%)
  • More than twice as many residents (116,000 more residents) get frequent service – that’s part of why ridership will grow (+103%)

Best of all: COTA can make these improvements without spending more money. All of the changes proposed will paid for out of the savings from eliminated meandering and unpopular routes and increasing system efficiency.

By making our bus system simpler, faster and easier to use we will be taking an important step towards making Columbus a transit-friendly city.

Check out www.cota.com for more information.

(picture: proposed high-frequency routes)


3 thoughts on “Why you should be excited about COTA”

  1. Dear transit Columbus: I appreciate the work that your organization is doing to help promote better transit in Columbus. I use the COTA bus as my main means to get around t own. I am a single middle aged woman working 2 part time jobs and cannot afford a car. I really enjoyed watching the video presentations of the good ideas. I hope that Columbus will be able to get a light rail system in the near future. If not light rail, I hope that COTA will add some additional BRT lines to its routes. I was on the CBUS yesterday afternoon at the Arts festival and it was standing room only! I hope that more and more people here will use COTA at least some of the time. Thank you for all the work that you do.

    • Thank you Sharon! We love doing the work and hope/believe that the public transit system in Columbus will get better and better.

  2. I just wanted to add that some people look down on those of us who use COTA. They seem to think that we are all drunks or smelly lowlifes. Many good decent working people ride the bus because a car is too expensive for them. Sure, the bus is slower, but I cannot see myself paying over $500 a month for car payment,expenses, etc. I am single, with no kids, so a car would be a waste of money for me. I have been using COTA for 20 + years. In the last few years, I have noticed that there is less of a stigma of riding the bus, due to high gas prices. In earlier years, I’ve had people refuse to associate with me because I did not drive or own a car. I was watching a video yesterday about peak oil. I think that in the next decade or so, car ownership will only be attainable for the 1-2 percent. I can see gas prices going to $5 a gallon in the next decade. Millennials are not that crazy about driving and I hope that this younger generation will help spur more and better transit.

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