When Columbus Underground posted an Aprils Fools story on a streetcar Kickstarter, we at Transit Columbus laughed. And then we cried. Just kidding. Kinda.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.01.46 PM

There’s certainly an immense amount of silliness to crowdsourcing mass transit through a Kickstarter.  But we hope there will come a time in the very near future where we will collectively decide that moving people by mass transit is important to us.

But until that day, we have an antidote for all those transit loving, people moving, walkable city evangelists. A t-shirt. Yup. Inspired by the Columbus Underground $25 donation kickback, for $25 you can sport the official “Columbus Streetcar” t-shirt!


The t-shirt features a throwback image of the streetcars that once roamed Columbus. Each t-shirt is not only a throwback, but also a kickback of sorts for Transit Columbus. 80 percent of proceeds from shirt sales go to support Transit Columbus for the work we do for a better connected Columbus. The rest of the proceeds stay local with our good friends and t-shirt gurus at Traxler Tees.

Get yours today by visiting TraxlerTees.com.