Streets For People

Transit Columbus believes that streets play a big role in public life of cities and communities and should be designed as public spaces as well as channels for movement. Below are a couple programs that Transit Columbus has been spearheading in Columbus. These programs are seen as ‘lighter, quicker, and cheaper’ initiatives that get people to experience new and sometimes seen as ‘non-traditional’ improvements around our city quickly and on a small scale.

Open Streets Columbus


‘Open Streets Columbus’ is part of a larger, global initiative where cities and towns across the U.S. are temporarily closing streets to cars and opening them so that people of all ages and wages can socially interact and engage in fun, health-related activities such as: biking, yoga, dancing, rock-climbing, skateboarding, and much more.  Streets are turned into ‘urban playgrounds’ allowing people to actively experience their city streets through a slower lens while raising awareness as to how much of our public spaces are devoted primarily to cars.

Head to the website here: Open Streets Columbus or Open Streets Columbus Facebook Page


PlaceMakes logo

Formally known as the ‘Columbus Parklet Project,’ we changed the name to ‘PlaceMakes:’ because we’re moving beyond parking spaces.  Transit Columbus has been spearheading cost-effective, citizen-led projects commonly known as ‘Tactical Urbanism.’  These projects are meant to start a conversation about how we see and define the public realm.  With two parklets under our belt, in late 2015, our team was awarded a ‘Green Economy’ grant from the Ohio Arts Council to expand our ‘Tactical Urbanism’ efforts with one parklet and a temporary laneway in downtown Columbus.

Please stay up to date on upcoming projects.  Click here to connect to the PlaceMakes: website or PlaceMakes Facebook Page

This Place Is


There is a spot on streets where art, creativity, safety, walkability and neighborhood identity intersect: the crosswalk. This summer Transit Columbus teamed up with Wild Goose Creative, other community groups, and neighborhood activists in the SoHud, Old North Columbus, and Glen Echo neighborhoods to begin a campaign to implement the city’s first creative crosswalks. Click here to read our blog post about the project.