It’s time to move the conversation forward, Columbus.

Insight 2050, CBUS, UBER, COGO, Car2go, Connect Columbus, TSR, JET Task Force, and COTA Next Gen: all new projects, and in some cases new words, that didn’t exist a couple of years ago. This, combined with strong neighborhoods, record development and new city leadership, is creating new vision.

Much of the vision we can already see: retail downstairs, residents upstairs, shade trees, sidewalk cafes. This is, smartly, a city self-consciously reinventing itself for the 21st century. And we are well on our way to this vision. It’s already happening. A click onto Columbus Underground’s development page will show countless examples.

This is no more little big town. We’re grown up. The Columbus landscape is changing… its people are changing…its generations are changing…its neighborhoods are coming alive.  We are at a tipping point: of WHO WE WERE- and WHO WE WILL BE.

And it’s decision time.

These are scary, expensive, and difficult decisions. They can also be exciting, groundbreaking and transformational. If we are going to invest in new modes of transportation, we’re going to have to think creatively and differently about funding streams.

But let’s not get ourselves worked up into a “funding tizzy” (although there will come a time for that conversation). But the truth is- we’ll figure it out. Money follows a City’s priorities and vision.

So let’s talk priorities and vision.  Let’s talk about the City we want to be, and how we build it.

-Elissa Schneider

Chair, Transit Columbus