The Future

The results from GOOD IDEAS Columbus were fantastic. But we’re not willing to stop with just ideas. Transit Columbus has convened the GOOD IDEAS Implementation Team to help our city’s young professionals make their transportation dreams, their future reality.

The first meeting will be June 16, 5:30-7:00 at the Columbus Commons. The teams will include:

Walking: Are you interested in helping to bring pedestrian friendly infrastructure to neighborhoods that need it? The pedestrian working group will identify and area that is ripe for improvement, look at projects that are achievable, and work with the community, city, county and other stakeholders to make those improvements happen.

Biking: The city is currently updating its Bikeways Plan. This group will work to make sure protected bike lanes on some key streets are not only included in the plan but also implemented.

COTA: Help COTA bring their fare system to the 21st-century! This group will work with (and pressure) COTA to update their fare boxes to include new technologies and conveniences for riders.

COTA II: We will be cooperating with Civic Hack to create a real-time bus tracking app. Do you have computer skills? Join us!

Light Rail: This is a long term project. Help us work with, educate and lobby communities, elected officials, business leaders and many others to bring light rail to Columbus. Creative approaches desired.

If you are interested in joining the work group, sign up below.