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We're Advocates for a Better-Connected Columbus Region.

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Join the Tactical Urbanism Team

Short-term, community-based projects from pop-up parklets and green spaces to open streets initiatives have become powerful and adaptable tools of urban activists and planners seeking to create long-term improvements in their cities and beyond.  Tactical Urbanism is a ‘lighter, quicker, cheaper’ way to gain public and government support for investing in permanent projects.

Transportation – the process of going to a place – can be wonderful if we rethink the idea of transportation itself. Transportation is the journey, but enhancing the community is always the goal.

Email Jess Mathews at jmathews5@gmail.com to join the team!


Join the Political Team

The Transit Columbus Political Team is working to ensure that Multi-Modal Transportation and personal mobility are cornerstone issues in the 2015 municipal election. By elevating transit and other issues relating to personal mobility, Transit Columbus seeks to have all municipal candidates on the record on multi-modal transportation issues in order to help better inform Columbus voters.

Email Josh lapp at lapp.46@gmail.com to join the team!


Join the State of Transit Team

Thee State of Transit (SOTC) is an annual report to provide a snapshot of multi-modal transportation in Columbus and to provide data-driven recommendations for building a world-class transportation system. The SOTC report is the product of a partnership between Transit Columbus and Forge Columbus, a local organization that invests in entrepreneurs and neighborhoods. The team behind the SOTC are also working closely with other local advocacy organizations and government entities to further support for transportation projects already in the works. The inaugural SOTC report will be presented to the community in Spring 2015, but only with support from community stakeholders. Get off the sidelines and be part of the momentum to build a world-class transportation system in Columbus. We are looking to grow the SOTC team!

Email JM Rayburn at jmrayburn@me.com to join the team!

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