Transit advocates and riders have been clamoring for easier ways to purchase bus passes and trip tickets for the COTA Transit System. COTA began answering that call by installing a new vending machine at their Downtown Columbus headquarters at 33 N High Street.

imageThis machine not only provide 24 hour access to traditional day and monthly passes, but also to an expanded categories of ride tickets and allows purchases by credit card.

Through the machine you can purchase these flexible ‘ride tickets’ which come in the form of 1, 2, 5 or 10 trip passes. These are great for the lay rider who may not ride daily but likes to have a pass on hand for when it is needed. In today’s often cashless economy these types of tickets provide the flexibility to ride transit without carrying cash or change.

Transit Columbus supports efforts by COTA to make transit both more convenient and easier to use. This is a great first step by COTA to speed up boarding times and to meet the needs of both current and a new generation of riders.