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Transit Columbus 2016 Voter Guide

The Transit Columbus 2016 Voter Guide is now available!

Keep Columbus Moving Forward.   Vote Yes on Issue 60.

Keep Columbus Moving Forward. Vote Yes on Issue 60. There is no better way to put your finger on the pulse of Columbus than to move around it on COTA. While riding the bus, I learn more about my neighbors in a more meaningful way. I have time to take in the city-scape; the good…

We need mass transit!

You may have seen this headline recently: Columbus will ‘leap-frog’ light rail as transit option after Smart City Challenge win. We’re here to tell you being a smart city means more than embracing driverless cars, it means investing in making Columbus a city focused on moving people. Light Rail, Bus Rapid Transit, and other high capacity…

GUEST BLOG | Why Transit Matters: It Brings People Together

Our Guest Blogger Alex Rosa of Traxler Tees tells us why he supports Transit Columbus and why transit matters! Public transit is the backbone of movement in any growing city. I can’t help but wonder where New York City or San Francisco would be today if their train system and bus system weren’t as robust as…