The 2014 State of the City Address by outgoing Mayor Micheal Coleman was an exciting one for transit advocates like us at Transit Columbus. In his address, Mayor Coleman asked the question, among other things, of whether or not rail might be the answer to connect Port Columbus with Downtown. This spurred our organization to convene a studio of OSU students to study the topic. They recently presented their final report and the results are exciting.

The team of OSU students and professor/planner Chad Gibson analysed potential lines in order to understand what would be the most useful, impactful, and economically sound. Their recommendations included two lines: First, a north/south line from Old North Columbus to German Village via High Street costing $335 million; Second an east/west line connecting Downtown and Port Columbus via Broad Street costing $406 million.

Columbus is transitioning to a prosperous world-class city. We are competing with not just our neighboring cities for jobs, talent, and investment but with the likes of New York and Philadelphia. Transit investment is a paramount to our future, and a piece of the puzzle we still collectively need to solve.

This report is a piece of the transit vision for the future. It’s a beginning, a place to start. Its now time for our civic leaders, both current and future, to take the next steps to advance the future of transit in Columbus.

Link to full Report: