Since the last passenger train left the City of Columbus in the late 70’s we have been without an extremely valuable option in transportation. Many decried the almost build 3C line as too slow to achieve high ridership.
A new proposal, unveiled on Friday, is a line linking Columbus with Chicago via Ft. Wayne at 110 miles an hour. This high speed route would take riders from Columbus to Chicago in 4 hours, with express service available in 3 hrs 45 minutes.

At a cost of $1.285 billion dollars with a return of $1.70 for every $1 spent this line would be an investment in the future for Columbus, Ft. Wayne and the entire Midwest. Similar lines are currently being built or upgraded between Chicago and Detroit, St. Louis, Iowa, and Minneapolis.

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We at Transit Columbus couldn’t be more excited about the possibly of connecting Columbus to the rest of the country via rail as well as championing connecting all of Columbus’ neighborhoods via world class public transit.

Where do we go from here, how can we make this happen?

First and foremost, tell your leaders at City Hall and the Statehouse that connecting Columbus via rail is important to you!

Second tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter and around the city that you support rail and you support Transit Columbus!

Lastly support our cause with a donation in order to help us advocate for more rail, transit and biking options! Click here to donate!

The time to invest in our future is now.

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  1. As a state, we should use some of the Casino money to fund the project. Or the Casinos could donate and create a deal with the rail system for discounted tickets for a casino weekend package. This would bring more people to columbus and boost the economy.

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