1 Million More.  Let’s make room for everyone.

Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission released an update to insight2050 today. Since 2010, we have added 115,000 people – more than predicted! MORPC’s confident we’ll add at least 500,000 people by 2050. There are many variables to consider, but if this remarkable growth continues, it’s possible we reach the 500,000 mark 20 years early – by 2029. This growth rate would put Central Ohio on pace to add upwards of one million people by 2050.

It’s a critical time for the future of Columbus.

It’s important that we clearly understand the market demand for more compact, mixed use development that is walkable, bikable and transit-friendly. If we are listening, really listening to the results of the insight2050 plan, and the updates released today, we know more sprawl isn’t the answer to our growth. More cars, more development without sidewalks, more hour long commutes won’t make us ready to compete.

And frankly, our communities and businesses have already started to respond to the demographic changes and different market demands by providing more transportation and housing choices. 

If we want to grow sustainably, in a way that embraces the demands for walkable, dense, neighborhoods, we need high-capacity transportation options. It could be anything from BRT, to light rail, and streetcar.  Mass transit will remain crucial as the region adds 1 million more residents. Mass transit is an efficient use of space and money that honors the housing and development that people want.

If we want to compete in the 21st Century, we will need lots of transportation options. A city with mass transit is a city the future will reward.

I want to live in a walkable, dense, lively, smart city with personality. Insight2050 proves I’m not alone.  I want  options that make that kind of city a reality. That means more sidewalks, more mass transit, more local shops close to each other, more mixed use environments, more character, and more neighborhoods built to accommodate all.

-Elissa Schneider Chair, Transit Columbus6440857817_a1f5423c45_b


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